kathy ireland® Recovery Centers

Our Story

“Expanding our company’s health advocacy into the area of mental health and substance use disorder has been a long-held top priority goal.” – Kathy Ireland, CEO, kathy ireland® Worldwide

Over the years, Kathy Ireland has shown her compassion for ensuring that women, children, and families receive the services they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. For years she has worked with highly praised organizations to provide healthcare, education, and basic human rights to individuals worldwide. Now she has focused on providing tools to help individuals achieve sobriety and overcome challenges related to treatment and recovery.

As the CEO of kathy ireland® Worldwide, she has partnered with Ascension Recovery Services to create a network of kathy ireland® Recovery Centers around the country. These rehabilitation programs serve individuals and families struggling with mental health and substance use disorders (SUDs).

Taking Action to Make Change

CEO and fashion industry icon, Kathy Ireland, has contributed to various health-related programs, organizations, and movements. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, it became apparent that substance use disorders and mental health services were not easily accessible to individuals in need. Overdose and drug-related injuries spiked, and people in communities around America were affected by the damaging effects of SUD.

At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality, compassionate care, and Kathy Ireland has made that possible for communities around the country by providing telehealth services in addition to residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Expanding Our Network

We have opened new treatment facilities in multiple states. As we move forward, kathy ireland® Recovery Centers will continue to expand and support people affected directly and indirectly by substance use disorder. We provide outpatient treatment at our facility in Laconia, New Hampshire, and residential detox and withdrawal stabilization at the Williamson Wellness Center in Williamson, West Virginia. Our hope is to open a kathy ireland® Recovery Center in at least 6 states. To learn more about the services of each facility, you can visit the page on Our Locations.

Our Story

Kathy Ireland has used her influence and experience to ensure that families and communities around the United States have access to necessary healthcare, including treatment for substance use and mental health disorders.

To learn more about kathy ireland® Recovery Centers and the services we offer, call us today: (603) 619-1132.

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