kathy ireland® Recovery Centers

Our Approach

At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we share a unified mission and vision. We aim to deliver the finest evidence-based rehabilitation services for individuals overcoming substance use disorders (SUDs) and related conditions. Our clinical teams are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the necessary support to lead a fulfilling life in recovery. Our treatment programs empower clients to achieve lasting sobriety successfully.

We Work With You

We focus on more than just the diagnosis. Every patient receives a tailored, high-quality treatment plan. This approach addresses their specific needs and supports their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Our experienced clinical teams offer compassionate, trauma-informed care, helping each patient reach their recovery goals.

Our Approach

Making a Difference In Your Community

kathy ireland® Recovery Centers are committed to helping our neighbors and community at our treatment facility. Our goal is to ensure that no community gets left behind in the effort to destigmatize treatment for SUDs and co-occurring disorders. Millions of families live with the effects of these conditions every day. We offer services designed to relieve symptoms and break the cycle of addiction in person and through virtual and telehealth services.

Our Laconia Facility

We are actively helping people from age 11 to 99+ all over the state of New Hampshire. Our goal is to make sure no community is overlooked in the fight to destigmatize treatment for SUDs and co-occurring disorders. Countless families face the challenges of SUDs daily. We provide services that alleviate symptoms and break the cycle of addiction.

Our facility in Laconia, NH, specializes in outpatient treatment. Here, clients learn vital life skills and coping mechanisms to address SUDs and co-occurring mental health disorders. We offer a range of specialized care options to support our clients at every recovery stage.

To learn more about our services and how we can support your journey to recovery, contact us today:
(603) 619-1132

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