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Laconia, NH – Sober Living

Our Laconia, NH sober living homes offer the perfect combination of structure, accountability, and independence to help you start your recovery journey after residential treatment.

We operate two Sober Living homes in Laconia, NH: one for men and women. Our women’s only sober living home accommodates up to 12 residents, while our men’s only sober living home accommodates up to 16 residents.

Why Sober Living?

These close-knit communities help keep you on your recovery program, because everyone who lives in the home – including the staff – is in recovery, too. That means they understand what you’re going through and they’re ready to share their knowledge to help you stay safe and sober. This unity helps residents open up, share their experiences, and support one another through the recovery process.

Features of our Laconia sober living homes:

  • Newly renovated
  • Comfortable, home-like, family atmosphere
  • Easily accessible for public transportation
  • Wifi
  • Television
  • Cozy community areas for downtime, relaxing, and socializing
  • House leaders in residence
  • Peer driven therapeutic accountability process, facilitated by house leaders:
    • Weekly house meetings
    • Weekly recovery support meetings
      • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
      • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
      • Celebrate Recovery
    • Weekly and daily chores for all residents
  • Modern technology for check ins and curfews

Sober Living Home FAQs

If you’re interested in applying for a space in our sober living homes, you probably have questions. If you don’t find your answer below, feel free to call us today.

Who’s eligible to live in our sober living home?
Anyone participating in a recovery process – and who has completed the detoxification and stabilization phase – can apply to become a resident in our sober living homes.
Will I have roommates?
Yes, most likely. Typical occupancy is 2-3 residents per room.
How does food, cooking, and eating work?
Residents address food and eating independently – we do not schedule communal meals, but residents do often plan meals, cook, and choose to eat together.

Our kitchens are stocked with the basic necessities, including modern appliances, cooking equipment – i.e. pots and pans – as well as plates, glasses, and silverware

Do I need to bring bedding?
No. Bedding is provided.
Do I need to bring toiletries?
Yes. We provide basics like toilet paper, trash bags, and cleaning supplies, while residents are responsible for all personal hygiene needs.
Do I pay rent?
Yes. We collect residence fees on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the arrangement made upon acceptance.

A Full Continuum of Effective, Compassionate, Care

We believe in your recovery.

We’ve created rehabilitation services where you or your loved one can get the help you need to start building a healthier future. Our sober living homes are an important part of our overall mission to make access to high-quality treatment and support for substance use disorder more accessible and equitable for all.

Laconia NH Substance Abuse Recovery

View our Men’s Sober Living Home

View our Women’s Sober Living Home

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You focus on recovery. We focus on you.

Our sober living homes can help you start life after treatment in an environment defined by the things you need most: compassion, understanding, support, structure, and accountability. The team at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers is here to offer compassionate support and evidence-based treatment. When you’re ready for change, we’re ready for you.

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