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Peer Recovery Services

Your healing will continue long after you complete your treatment at our Williamson, WV facility. Peer recovery services are an excellent community source of support, information, education, accountability, and encouragement. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow as you begin to develop healthy routines at home or in a sober living community. The easiest way to connect with peer services in your area is through your case manager at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers. Your case manager will help you locate and network with agencies, groups, and organizations that meet your continuing care needs after you leave our facility. 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), “research has shown that recovery is facilitated by social support, and four types of social support have been identified in the literature: emotional, informational, instrumental, and affiliations support.” Peer recovery services provide all four to individuals in recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

What to Expect From Peer Recovery Services

Every peer recovery organization and group has a unique mission. However, they all exist to serve people dedicated to achieving and maintaining sobriety. By joining one, you become part of a community and make life-long friends while having fun and getting assistance. You will meet people from all walks of life and stages of recovery. You can find mentors and become a role model for others. A few other services and experiences you can expect from peer recovery groups and organizations include:

Research published in the journal Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation “found significant reductions in relapse rates among participants in […] peer support community programs” and that “these results imply that peer and community support groups are important in the process of relapse reduction, in particular, groups that focus on self-determination.” Improve your well-being and achieve greater calm by joining a recovery peer group that focuses on helping you actively take part in your recovery.

  • Classes on managing stress, anger, recovery, mental health, physical wellness, grief, and more
  • Activities and outings where you get to spend time having fun and building bonds with peers
  • Volunteer opportunities where you can make a difference for others in your community

Benefits of Using Peer Recovery Services

One of the main benefits of reaching out to peer recovery services is receiving help from individuals who know precisely what you are going through because they have their own experiences with addiction and recovery. Feeling heard and valued by people who have felt what you feel can be inspiring and motivating. Sober peers give valuable insight into the different stages of recovery and they can keep you moving forward in your own progress. Some days you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed or caught off guard by an unexpected aspect of sober living, and the people who provide peer recovery services can help you get back on track. A few things you will benefit from when attending peer recovery groups or events include:

  • Understanding
  • Healthy relationships
  • Accountability
  • Non-judgmental support
  • Encouragement
Self-Help Groups

Connecting With Peer Recovery Groups and Organizations

Peer-run organizations exist in communities all around the country. You can find information about them online, through community centers, or by talking to your case manager. Many people in recovery are looking for some way to give back and find a greater purpose. You can do that by reaching out to peer recovery groups and finding volunteer positions that fit your skillset. Multiple types of peer recovery services exist and they all offer various programs, classes, and other forms of support. Each provides necessary resources to meet specific needs in the community. For example, they may focus on a particular group of people in recovery, like veterans or young adults. Your case manager will help you locate the services relevant to your mental health and healing. Some standard features they may offer include:

  • Sober coaching or peer sponsorship
  • Engaging activities to facilitate encouraging and healthy social interactions
  • Motivation to improve your self-accountability, independence, self-determination, and confidence
  • Classes and education to prevent relapse and give you a better understanding of your mental and physical health

Anyone can benefit from these groups. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “Peer recovery support services, such as recovery community centers, help individuals remain engaged in treatment and/or the recovery process by linking them together both in groups and in one-on-one relationships with peer leaders who have direct experience with addiction and recovery.” Your continued mental and physical health is essential. At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we will always go the extra mile to help our clients and alumni succeed at long-term sobriety.

Aftercare and Community Involvement

Peer recovery services are an excellent source of support during your continuing care; they are also a great place to serve others. Most programs and organizations staffed by peers welcome newly sober individuals into their community. You can look for available staff volunteer positions where you can give back to your community while bettering yourself. Giving up your time and energy to help others is an excellent recovery tool and is commonly encouraged among 12-Step groups.

Your aftercare plan will ensure you have access to all the services you need to achieve independent sobriety after treatment at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers. A standard aftercare plan includes:

  • Support groups
  • Individual therapy
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Mentoring and recovery coaching
  • Connecting you with housing or financial resources
  • Mental health support

Peer recovery services provide a safe space where you can get encouragement from people who understand the daily challenges that come with recovery.

The case managers at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers ensure all of our clients have access to continuing care including peer recovery services. Find out more by contacting us today: (866) 861-9772.

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