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The most effective treatment methods for substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring disorders are based on rigorous research, verified statistics, and standardized practices provided by trained mental health professionals with the first-hand experience that allows them to translate scientific theory into clinical practice.

At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we know that integrated, holistic addiction and mental health treatment programs based on peer-reviewed research are the best option for the continued health and safety of individuals in treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring disorders.

Our psychiatrists and therapists stay current on the latest advances in medical science, with a focus on new developments related to the treatment of substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders.

Research from around the world shows the following therapeutic techniques increase the likelihood of positive treatment outcomes for people diagnosed with SUD:

When a treatment plan includes these core elements, they synergize to create an evidence-based system of support that addresses everything a person with SUD needs to build a solid foundation for lifelong, sustainable recovery.

That’s our goal at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers: a lifetime of healing for you and your family.

The Benefits of Evidence-Based Treatment

Researchers have studied substance use and misuse for decades in order to determine the best approaches for treating conditions like SUD and the mental health disorders that often accompany SUD. The body of evidence we have in 2021 is substantial. It contains a wealth of practical information healthcare providers can use to decrease the prevalence of SUD and increase the quality of life for people in recovery, their families, and their communities. Reports and publications provided by state, national, private, and international research institutions describe significant breakthroughs and outline standards of practice and care for treating SUD and dual diagnosis.

Benefits of these peer-reviewed, evidence-based treatment methods include:

  • Higher rates of successful long-term sobriety
  • Decreased risks of injury, relapse, or overdose
  • Smoother transitions between treatment programs
  • Improved treatment results
  • Clearly defined treatment protocols for people with SUD

Those are the benefits of evidence-based treatment.

But what are those treatments exactly?

At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, our addiction and mental health treatment programs utilize a wide array of time-tested, data-driven techniques to help people on the road to lifelong recovery.

Evidence-Based Treatments and Therapies

Our clinicians have extensive experience supporting clients with the following evidence-based treatments and therapies:

These methods all fall under the category of psychotherapy, which most people think of as talk therapy. That’s correct, but the goal of psychotherapy is more than talking. Therapists help people with SUD and co-occurring disorders translate talk into concrete action and behavioral change. Psychotherapy works. It’s one of the most studied subjects in the medical community. Research shows these traditional methods of talk therapy – with a 21st century perspective and a grounding in the medical model of addiction – improve outcomes for people in treatment for SUD and co-occurring disorders.

How to Identify Evidence-Based Treatments

The best way to learn more about the therapeutic approaches we offer at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers is to call us directly. Our certified clinicians and trained intake specialists can provide information about our methods, the peer-reviewed studies that support them, and how we use these methods to support our clients every day.

To verify what you read here, and what you learn when you speak to one of representatives, you can review the various federal and state websites that provide a wealth of free information related to the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. We recommend starting with the Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center maintained by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which “contains a collection of scientifically-based resources for a broad range of audiences, including Treatment Improvement Protocols, toolkits, resource guides, clinical practice guidelines, and other science-based resources.”

It has never been easier for family members and medical providers to verify the authenticity and effectiveness of the wide range of SUD treatments available. In addition to the valuable resource provided by SAMHSA in the link above, we recommend exploring the treatment information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA).

They’ll all tell you what we know: compassionate, integrated care based on peer-reviewed research increases the likelihood a person with SUD and/or co-occurring disorders will grow and thrive in recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program
Medication-Assisted Treatment

Customized, Evidence-Based Treatments

Every staff member at kathy ireland® Recovery Centers recognizes the importance of honest communication. When our clients understand their treatment options and have a say in the components of their treatment plan, outcomes improve. We have the means, skill, and experience to adjust any program to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Sometimes this means combining traditional evidence-based therapies with complementary supports such as mindfulness, experiential activities, and expressive therapies. We discuss benefits and possible alternatives through every step of the treatment process to ensure our clients make informed and educated decisions about their immediate care and long-term recovery.

To create and monitor our customized treatment plans, our clinical staff:

  • Uses information from our comprehensive intake assessments to learn everything they can about each client’s needs and preferences
  • Checks in regularly to determine treatment effectiveness and overall treatment progress
  • Engages in proactive case management and discharge planning, which includes preparing transition, aftercare, and alumni services for a seamless transition between levels of care

Our treatment programs help our clients learn the skills they need to manage the symptoms of their disorder and create a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term recovery. In most cases, sustaining a recovery lifestyle takes intentional planning, the support of a group of recovery peers working toward the same goal, and ongoing professional counseling and therapy.

Aftercare and Connecting With Community Resources

Once clients complete our addiction and mental health treatment programs and join our alumni group, the real recovery journey begins. In the grand scheme of things, treatment is relatively short, but recovery is not: it lasts a lifetime. At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we understand the importance of continuing care. We provide access to aftercare and alumni services, which are essential tools that help people stay on their recovery program and prevent relapse. The specifics may vary from facility to facility, and the shape of an aftercare plan will vary from person to person. However, upon discharge, we provide each client with:

  • A practical aftercare plan
  • Continuing care and case management
  • Information about local, community, and private services, including support groups and recovery organizations
  • Assistance transitioning to a sober living community, other treatment centers, or a less immersive level of care
  • Referrals to doctors and therapists
  • Information about resources related to housing and job placement
Mental health disorders

When you choose kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, you become part of our family – and we’ll be by your side for your entire recovery journey.

Sustainable, Lifelong Recovery

We have dedicated each addiction and mental health treatment program to provide clients with high-quality treatments for substance use disorder (SUD). At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we practice holistic care, including a wide range of complementary options that we can use alongside more traditional, standardized therapies.

To learn more about our services and facilities, call us today: (866) 861-9772.

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