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We Believe in Your Recovery

We believe in your recovery and have created rehabilitation facilities where you or your loved one can get the help you need to start building a healthier future. The programs created by kathy ireland® Recovery Centers provide comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs). We are passionate about making addiction treatment accessible. We are committed to providing accessible treatment to those individuals suffering from substance use disorders. We continue to work with local communities and advocacy organizations to ensure you have access to the treatment you deserve.

kathy ireland® Recovery Centers

Services We Provide at Our Facilities

Each of our treatment facilities specializes in providing specific types of care for individuals recovering from addiction. We offer residential and outpatient services with programs available to ease your transition from detox and stabilization treatment. We accommodate dual diagnoses and address co-occurring mental health disorders within our programs. 


Get Evidence-Based Holistic Care

We offer evidence-based holistic care in our recovery programs. The family-like environment creates a space where you can feel comfortable while getting treatment tailored to your specific mental, emotional, and physical needs. Your clinical team will practice honest communication and collaboration to keep you involved in your treatment and recovery goals. Our treatment programs incorporate a trauma-informed approach to ensure you feel secure and confident in your progress.

The Motivation Behind Our Treatment Network

Kathy Ireland has spent years advocating for better health in communities around the country. At kathy ireland® Recovery Centers, we are passionate about ensuring anyone recovering from a substance use disorder or a dual diagnosis has access to affordable care. Your safety, health, and well-being are our top priorities, and we will continue working hard to make accessing treatment our commitment to our clients. 

Our network of facilities created by kathy ireland® Recovery Centers by Ascension Recovery Services provide a path to successful recovery from substance use disorders. Contact us today to learn more.